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Lived experience is at the heart of everything Thought Climber creates.

Thought Climber, a community interest company, was founded to provide writing journals and others resources for those facing traumatic grief. Although the After Journal is the first bereavement journal created for loss by suicide, we are currently working on a series of writing journals to support those facing other forms of traumatic grief.

We passionately believe that handwritten accounts of our personal journeys can foster a transformative difference.

Our Story

Born of a personal experience with bereavement by suicide, Halani C. Foulsham discovered first hand the severely limited supply of readily available resources for navigating unknown emotional and social territory during a traumatic, life-changing event such as this.

Founded in 2016, along with the support of a small group of those with first hand experience of sudden loss and seed funding from the Reigate-Banstead Town Council, Thought Climber is an entirely not-for-profit Community Interest Company that uses creative journalling and story-sharing to help people through major life crises. Thought Climber’s over-arching goal is to foster a more meaningful conversation about life after trauma.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To inspire healing.

Our Vision

To create a world where journal writing reduces human grief, inspires contemplation, and builds stronger communities.

Our Values

Be authentic
Be collaborative
Be creative
Be flexible
Be resourceful
Be warm

Kickstarter Campaign

The video below was created for our Kickstarter Campaign in October 2016. Have a look to find out more about what we aim to deliver and why.

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