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We design stationery for survivors

Designed by the bereaved, for the bereaved.

If you or someone you know is bereaved by suicide, the After Journal can offer a safe space to reflect.



Thought Climber is a U.K. based community interest company whose single aim is to provide meaningful writing tools for people facing traumatic loss or other forms of hardship.


Although we are based in the United Kingdom, you can reach us from anywhere in the world. Reach us through traditional snail mail, email, or social media.


There are a number a great charities supporting those bereaved by suicide. If you need more information or are hoping to find support yourself, we can help to connect you.

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"Journalling Beyond The Stigma Of Suicide."

The After Journal makes its first appearance on Thrive Global. Written by Thought Climber founder, Halani Foulsham, the article remained on the front page of Thrive Global’s Giving Section for just under three weeks. This is new record which helped to engage and educate even wider audience about the impact of suicide and postvention trauma.

"How To Begin a Life-Changing Dialogue With Someone Bereaved By Suicide"

Three behavioural changes that will bring greater relief to loved ones.

'The Silence Is Killing Us' via Thrive Global

Learn more about the aftermath of suicide in the published article by Thought Climber founder, Halani C. Foulsham.

Worldwide suicide attempts by the hour

Worldwide suicide deaths by the hour

Worldwide survivors of bereavement by suicide by the hour

Every forty seconds someone in the world dies by suicide


Support After A Suicide


Support In Secondary Schools


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Support In The Workplace

NHS Postvention Support: Help Is Hand

“This guide has been designed to help you to choose when and what sections are most appropriate for you. It is not intended as something you need to read through from cover to cover. Your family, friends or colleagues may also find it helpful to look through this guide so that they can begin to try and understand a little of what you are going through and how to find the right help. Some sections focus on how you may be feeling; others on what may be happening. Throughout – and in more detail at the back – are some suggestions for sources of further support. There are also quotes from people who have been bereaved and who have experienced some of what you may be going through.”

-Excerpt From “Help Is At Hand”

Public Health England & National Suicide Prevention Alliance

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