Thought Climber and Its Relationship To Suicide

In 2017 the latest UK Statistics revealed that 5,821 people took their lives and that the male suicide rate is still about three times that of women. In the United States, it was over 44,965 according to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention in 2016.

While suicide itself is a national epidemic here in the UK, the trauma that impacts individuals and communities at large is also at epidemic proportions. According to suicide research currently being research*, approximately 130 people are affected by a loss from suicide. Of these, a number will be severely traumatised. Such vulnerability can become a gateway for life-long mental health issues, addiction, and in some case, also lead to suicide in the bereaved.

Thought Climber believe that by capturing our experiences in writing, we can effectively share our lived experiences, thereby helping each other to heal in time.

  • SUICIDE PER 100,000 PEOPLE Per Country + Age Standardized% Per Country + Age Standardized%
  • United States 13% 13%
  • Republic of Ireland 9% 9%
  • Australia 11.7% 11.7%
  • Canada 11% 11%
  • New Zealand 13.6% 13.6%
  • United Kingdom 10.1% 10.1%

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