Global Grief Project

Traumatic loss is experienced worldwide and even though the majority of people facing this experience it alone. It is a singular journey and no two journeys are alike.

However, just imagine if we found a way to link up together from far reaching corners of the globe in a personalised way. What impact would that have?

We, at Thought Climber, wanted to find out and so created the Global Grief Project. The brief insights shared through this platform serve as the common thread that brings together these singular worlds and helped to ties us together.

GLOBAL GRIEF PROJECT is a story-sharing tapestry about human loss and rediscovering life. The project’s aim is to create a global dialogue and story-sharing platform to bring down the wall of isolation that so many experience after loss. The GLOBAL GRIEF PROJECT is where the story begins.

We need your help to highlight just how wide spread the experience of suicide is, by asking you to share your story on one of our virtual postcards.

Please feel free to email us with any additional questions at

Suicide In Your Own Words

We asked you to share your invaluable insight with us by answering the following five questions:

  1. Your first name or initials
  2. Your age
  3. Your relationship with the person who died
  4. Your greatest challenge following your loss
  5. When you rediscovered hope for the future

Additionally, our lives are impacted by the suicide of public figures. We read about the tragic loss of life in news or see it reported online or on television. This can have a surprising affect on us, one we might not have ever expected. To honour these individuals, we created a hand-written postcard in their name.

Help us continue to build this one-of-a kind resource by sharing your postcard with us or by connecting us with someone who can. Although nothing will bring any of them back, with the stroke of a pen we can and will start to change our world.

Your Contribution to the Project

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