Thought Climber and Suicide

In 2013, the latest UK Statistics revealed that 6708 people took their lives and that the male suicide rate is at its highest level since 2001. In the United States, it was over 42,000 according to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

While suicide itself is a national epidemic here in the UK, the trauma that impacts individuals and communities at large is also at epidemic proportions. According to both research conducted by Harvard Medical School and BBC’s “All In The Mind,” on average, six people are traumatised by the suicide of a loved one. That’s 40,248 people in 2013 alone. Although there are numerous websites that offer advice to those bereaved by suicide, access to human support can be difficult based on availability. Therefore, thousands of people at any given time will struggle in silence to come to terms with their loss and the grieving process.

  • SUICIDE PER 100,000 PEOPLE Per Country + Age Standardized%
  • United States 12%
  • Republic of Ireland 11%
  • Australia 10.6%
  • Canada 9.8%
  • New Zealand 9.6%
  • United Kingdom 6.2%

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